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We turn great ideas into profitable companies

We partner with founders to research, plan, design, build, measure and scale
their ideas and products into successful businesses

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our apps average


industry standards for engagement

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industry standards for engagement

we follow a unique

human centered

design process

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design process

revenue generated for our clients is about to hit


yeah, you read that right

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yeah, you read that right
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helping scale brands with new technology products

we work with some of the best entrepreneurs, startups and marquee brands

Cleveland Clinic Healthy Brains
Cleveland Clinic
Healthy Brains
GoPro Train the Masses
Train the Masses
Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars) Trivia Challenge
Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars)
Trivia Challenge

Our Services
Mobile Apps as Marketing Tools

Mobile Apps as Marketing Tools

How to engage customers through branded mobile apps

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why is our custom software so successful?

there's a recipe to our success and here are some of our secret ingredients

a unique process

We have built and refined our detailed process over twelve years. We believe strongly in the humanization of technology and take a human-centered approach to everything we build. Our process is proven and has been integral in our achievement of helping produce nearly $1 billion in revenue for our clients.

deep business savvy

You simply don’t have the success we’ve had with the apps and software we’ve built over the years without being strongly rooted in business. We help our clients architect the business of their apps and IoT (Internet of Things) software as much as we design the apps themselves.

an exclusive, in-house team

We are meticulous about who we hire. Our team is made up of all-star designers, developers and business analysts. Everyone on each project team resides within the same four walls. We believe the best software is produced when a team is collaborative and co-located. We do not outsource or offshore anything so we don’t run into communication or cultural challenges.

forward-thinking technology

We’ve created an innovation-minded culture that allows us to remain on the cutting edge of technology. With each project we look to expose significant opportunities for our clients to innovate and leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage.

we care about human impact

Part of our mission at Raster is to advance the human experience through the technology we design and build. We have a passion for delivering innovation that changes industries and pushes the human experience forward.

a holistic approach

It takes more than a pretty user interface and good programming to make an app or piece of software successful. It takes the right product-market fit, the right message, the right user-acquisition strategy, the right marketing and good timing. We take a 360 approach from day one to dramatically increase your product’s chance of success.